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    Trading Rules - MUST READ

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    Trading Rules - MUST READ Empty Trading Rules - MUST READ

    Post by glamglam on Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:45 pm

    Absolutely NO SCAMMING at WR. We will not tolerate it. If you scam someone, you will be banned.

    2. Trade only in the Trading Area.
    trade only in the Trading Area. This way we can monitor trades and it
    is easier for staff to know if something goes wrong.
    So you may NOT
    trade in any other area or by Visitor Messages or Private Messages.
    Notifying a member something about your auction is allowed by PM or VM.
    Just NO trading. We might allow PM Trading in the future. We'll notify
    you if we we do.

    3. Trading
    You may trade eStore codes,
    other code shop codes, all webkinz virtual items (including
    "priceless") The only thing NOT to be traded on WR are pet codes or
    eStore points codes, if you are caught trading pet codes, you will be
    banned. Also, Webkinz Accounts cannot be traded or given away here in

    4. Other
    If you are a traderkinz, you must send 1st no
    matter what, if you are a traderkinz trading with a traderkinz, the
    person with the least amount of trades sends first

    5. Feedback
    you finish a trade, you MUST, this is very important, you MUST post
    feedback for the other user in the Feedback Forum. Please see the
    feedback forum for more information.

    6. Auction Rules
    Please check out the Auctions Rules here:
    Auctions Rules

    7. Only one trading thread per person, please. If you start another one, it will be deleted.

    When you update your trading thread, please put the date of the update
    in the title. If you have updated it more than two times in the same
    day, please include the time also.

    Please follow these rules so we can have a great time at WebkinzRock!

    WR Staff

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