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    --- Role Playing Rules --- Empty --- Role Playing Rules ---

    Post by glamglam on Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:22 pm

    Role Play Rules

    1. Make sure pictures are appropriate and legal.

    2. Keep everything PG.
    No Romantic Contact.
    If you want to have children, it must only be between animals. No babies. Only pups and stuff like that. Nothing visual. Just say something like three hours later.
    And please use appropriate language.

    3. If you're gonna say something Out Of Character (OOC) please use (), [], or {}.

    4. No GodModing or PowerPlaying.
    Power playing means you are controlling the movements, thoughts, or actions of the character around you.

    Godmoding is when you portray your character as an unbeatable, all powerful and almighty being who is flawless in every way possible. Everyone is the same, even kings/queens/parents/etc.

    5. Always use your best grammar. So no chatspeak unless OOC.

    6. Do not use the red and blue ink reserved for mods.

    7. Please get your Role Play approved before posting it.

    8. No Elite or Super-Elite Roleplays.

    Thank you!

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