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    Post by glamglam on Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:29 pm

    WebkinzRock Rules

    1. No Personal Information!
    Please do not share any personal information like address, last name, school, phone number, city, etc. And you may only share your age if you are 13 or older. Also, in WebkinzRock we do not allow you to post a picture of yourself. Please follow this rule so we can have a good time at WebkinzRock and we won't have any kind of trouble in the future.

    2. No Scamming!
    Scamming is definitely not allowed on WebkinzRock. Anyone who scams or tries to scam a member will be banned. If you are ever asked for your password or someone scams you in a trade contact a staff member immediatly.

    3. Trade only in the Trading Area.
    Please trade only in the Trading Area. This way we can monitor trades and it is easier for staff to know if something goes wrong.
    So you may NOT trade in any other area or by Visitor Messages or Private Messages. We might allow PM Trading in the future. We'll notify you when we we do.

    4. No Swearing.
    There may be kids in this website. So absolutely no swearing.

    5. No Spamming
    No Spamming is allowed on WebkinzRock. Spamming is when you just do something random on a thread. If you're warned and you keep spamming you might be banned from WebkinzRock. Note: Saying Hello or Posting something Random on a Daily Chat Thread is not spamming. Because people chat on the Daily CHAT Thread.

    6. Text Color
    Red and Dark Blue colors are reserved for Admins. and Mods. Different shades of red or blue are allowed.

    7. Links
    If you'd like to post a link please ask a Staff Member to approve it first.

    8. Polls
    Please only post polls on the WebkinzRock Polls section.

    9. Reporting Posts
    If you see a post that is breaking any of the WebkinzRock rules, please report it as it helps the WebkinzRock staff.

    10. Language
    Please only talk in English in this site. As we may not know what you're saying if you say something in another language.

    11. Trading
    You may trade eStore codes, other code shop codes, all webkinz virtual items (including "priceless") The only thing NOT to be traded on WR are pet codes or eStore points codes.

    Please follow these rules so we can have a great time at WebkinzRock!

    -- WebkinzRock Staff

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