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12 Days Of Christmas

Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:44 pm by AlexJ894

There Have Been 10 Gifts Given Out So Far, Since Today Is The 10th Day Of Christmas...

Here They Are:
WebkinzRock - Newz Figgy_Pudding-1-1WebkinzRock - Newz Magic_W_White_Socks-1WebkinzRock - Newz Rubber_Ducky-1WebkinzRock - Newz Gingerbread_Reindeer_Cookies-1
WebkinzRock - Newz Hanging_Mistletoe-1WebkinzRock - Newz Kinzville_Station_TrainWebkinzRock - Newz Amanda_Panda_PlushWebkinzRock - Newz Fiannel_Nightcap
WebkinzRock - Newz Kinzville_Gingerbread_HouseWebkinzRock - Newz Santakinz_Nutcracker

On the first day of Christmas, Ms. Birdy gavWebkinzRock - Newz Moz-screenshot-1e WebkinzRock - Newz Moz-screenshot-2tWebkinzRock - Newz Moz-screenshot-3o me, A plate full of Pudding (Figgy)!
On the second day of Christmas, Ms. Birdy gave to me, A set of Magic W White Socks
On the third day of Christmas, Ms. Birdy gave to me, A rocking Rubber Ducky Toy
On the fourth day of Christmas, Ms. Birdy gave to me, A group of Gingerbread Reindeer Deer Cookies
On the fifth day of Christmas, Ms. Birdy gave to me, A heart-warming Hanging Mistletoe
On the sixth day of Christmas, Ms. Birdy gave to me, A timeless Kinzville Station Train Set
On the seventh day of Christmas, Ms. Birdy gave to me, An Adorable Amanda Panda Plush
On the eight day of Christmas, Ms. Birdy gave to me, A Fashionable Flannel Nightcap
On the ninth day of Christmas, Ms. Birdy gave to me, A Ginormous Kinzville Gingerbread House
On the tenth day of Christmas, Ms. Birdy gave to me, A Sensational Santakinz Nutcracker
On the eleventh day of Christmas, Ms. Birdy gave to me,
On the twelfth day of Christmas, Ms. Birdy gave to me,

WebkinzRock - Newz Day_10_Verse

New Webkinz Game: Jumbleberry Fields NOW OPEN

Fri Dec 18, 2009 8:25 pm by AlexJ894

Just after 10 am EST, people who were clicking on their daily events in Webkinz World had a pleasant surprise. Jumbleberry Fields is now operational. It is a game very similar to Yahtzee, you have 9 tries to complete your chart of requirements and get berries to either feed your pets for a possible surprise or collect the berries you win from your rolls in a jar to be exchanged later.

There are nearly 50 random prizes to be collected from this game. So, let's go harvest some Jumbleberries!

You will also notice on the opening page of the game that Ganz is advertising the Fresh Berry Stand Fridge, available at the eStore.
WebkinzRock - Newz Jumbleberryfields2

WebkinzRock - Newz Sugarberryjuice

WebkinzRock - Newz MoonberryMadnessBadge

Webkinz Day Countdown Clock Exclusive Item Now Displays Correctly

Fri Dec 18, 2009 8:20 pm by AlexJ894

WebkinzRock - Newz WebkinzCountdownClock
For those of you who have a Webkinz Day Countdown Clock Exclusive Item, you will be pleased to know that after this morning's maintenance, it is now displaying the correct days counting down to Webkinz Day in April.

Shortly after its introduction into Webkinz World this year, this Exclusive had unpredictable behavior and countdown days caused confusion as it was not consistent.

New Zum Buddies Coming Soon!

Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:53 pm by AlexJ894

The Zumbuddies are really cute plushies. Just think, a brand new set for a brand new year! The new Zumbuddies are coming in Feburary 2010. You can visit Zumwhere, when you go there, you can snap pictures of the Zums to gain Kinzcash and special prizes.
Here are the pictures of the Zumbuddies!

WebkinzRock - Newz Zumbuddy-1

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