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    A List Of All My Glitches/Bloopers In WW

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    A List Of All My Glitches/Bloopers In WW

    Post by Webkinz4Ever on Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:03 am

    1: Kinzpost present glitch-I clicked the mail and the kinzpost box stays as it is in my dock.
    2: Kinzpost letter glitch-I got a lot of letters from Webkinz World and they don't open. . .
    3: Pet glitch-I moved around my house in WW using my otter and my penguin is in the same place in every room I go to.
    4: Employment Office-Tabby Von Meow's shadow is there, but no Tabby.
    5: Ms. Birdy blooper-I hear her bells but she's not there!
    6: Curio Shop glitch-Negative number of certain gems.
    7: Santakinz blooper-I clicked Santakinz to pick out my present and nothing happens.
    8: Items in dock blooper-It says I have more items than I really do.
    9: Loading room(s)-I go to a room and sometimes it gets stuck loading or doesn't start loading at all, so I have to log out.

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